Can I make a purchase by phone?
- Yes, by calling 3320170128 Representatives are standing by and will gladly assist you with your purchase.
Can I purchase online?
- Yes, by all means. Online chat representatives will provide you with real-time support.

How can I see my order status?
- Once you make your purchase, your order will be emailed to you, which you can monitor by phone by calling 3320170128 In addition, we will either call you or chat online to confirm your purchase. You will always be notified regarding the status of your purchase so you have nothing to worry about.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?
- No changes or cancellations of the order can be made after 10 days from the date of purchase, if the order wants to be canceled or changed it will have a penalty of 10% of the total order for restocking fees.  Shipping charges are nonrefundable.    

Will you notify me prior to shipping my order?
- We will contact you by phone to inform you of the delivery date so you don’t have any problems with your purchase.

When will I receive my order?
- It will depend on your order and where it is being sent. Our confirmation email will provide further details after you make your purchase. We will be happy to assist you in finalizing your purchase through online chat or by calling 3320170128.

Can I change my order delivery date?
- Yes, you can request a change when we call you to confirm your purchase.

Where can I see my order delivery date?
- You can see delivery times online when selecting your products and remitting payment. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have through online chat or by calling 3320170128.

How can I find out if my order was approved and is being processed?
- We will email you to confirm your purchase, as well as call you to confirm your order and delivery.

I was unable to complete my order. What can I do?
- Contact us by calling 3320170128 or through online chat and we will be happy to help process your purchase quickly and securely.

I already placed my order but I want it sent to another address. Is that possible?
- Yes, it is. You must contact one of our representatives by calling 3320170128 or through online chat to request the change.

Who will be delivering my products?
- Your order will be delivered by FedEx.

Do they deliver on weekends?
- They only deliver on business days, from Monday to Friday.

How can I find out the shipping charge for my order?
- When you go to the shopping cart to complete your purchase, the shipping charge will automatically be calculated depending on the information you provide for delivery.

How can I stay up to date on Nuvi Global 4U promotions?
- Sign up at our online store and follow us on social media so you get the latest news and promotions from Nuvi Global 4U!

How can I submit a quote?
- We are available by phone at 3320170128, via online chat, or by email at

How do I know my payment to Nuvi Global 4U is secure?
- We have a security certificate to safeguard your card information, combined with secure online payment methods (PayPal). You have no reason to worry because your purchase will always be protected!

What payment methods can I choose from to make my purchase?
- Debit or credit cards.
Do you accept international debit and/or credit cards?
- Yes, Paypal accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
How can I find out if payment was approved?
- Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your transaction. In addition, if your payment was approved, we will call you to confirm your order, or you can also contact us at 3320170128 or via online chat to verify it directly with a representative.

How can I request an electronic invoice for my purchase?
- You can request it with your order number by calling 3320170128 or by emailing

Are all products shown online available?
- Yes, all products are available, but the delivery date may differ depending on demand.

I would like more information about a specific product. What can I do?
- If there is something you would like to know and it isn’t included in the product description, you are more than welcome to contact a sales representative by calling 3320170128 or by using our online chat service. We are happy to answer all your questions!