Salvador Carmona Flores

Edge: 63 years

"I have been taking the product for 3 years, since I was diagnosed with" Angina de Pecho "and later I had a heart attack. When I echoed to see the damage to my heart, they discovered that I had nothing thanks to the intake of the product. The product it gives me energy and makes me feel 10 years younger, achieving very important changes in my health "

Lidia Belén Pérez Rubio

Edge: 30 years

"My son Pablo is 8 years old and suffers from profound bilateral hearing loss. He started taking Stem Vitae since he was very delicate in health, when taking the medication we noticed changes in his concentration, he acquired greater strength in his bones and his deafness problems decreased"

Juany Mota

Edge: 55 years

"I have been an independent distributor for 6 years, I am in love with the product and its benefits, since it saved my life. I had suicidal depression several times and Stem Forte helped me free myself from these destructive thoughts. I live and will continue to live Stem Forte."