1.- Firm orders can only be made once payment by Visa, Mastercard through Paypal has been authorized and confirmation of the purchase has been received, which will be sent to your email once the transaction is complete on our portal. We ask that you check your spam mail in the event the reply is sent to that folder in error.

2.- It is the customer’s responsibility to accurately enter their personal information and address where the product will be sent when registering in the system. The company shall not be held liable if the information was incorrect and the product gets misplaced.

3.- Customers shall be responsible for notifying our facilities, either by email, phone or chat online, if they need to make any changes to their order or have special requirements that had not been mentioned previously when placing the order in the Nuvi Global 4U system.

4.- Any changes made shall be considered received once a subsequent reply by email has been sent. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please request the change again.

5.- Changes may not be made after 72 hours have passed since placing the order.

6.- Customers should contact us via online chat on our website to find out delivery times prior to placing their order.

7.- We will provide you with an estimated delivery time after placing the order. This information can also be accessed by logging onto our website with your username and password or via online chat.

8.- Once the order has been handed over to the shipping carrier, we will provide you with a tracking number as well as the phone number of the company in charge of delivering your order so you can be notified of an estimated delivery date. Customers shall be responsible for contacting the carrier in order to receive this information. (In the event the carrier encounters any difficulties, Nuvi Global 4U shall not be held liable for any delays related thereto.)


9.- Once the order has been received, it is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the product is in good condition prior to signing in agreement, since after said acknowledgment has been signed it will be impossible to request the guarantee for damaged merchandise.

10.- If there is damage to the packaging, you must request that the product be returned to Nuvi Global 4U facilities for an exchange or a replacement. In addition, you must notify Nuvi Global 4U in writing regarding the damage so that the product may be replaced accordingly and shipped out as soon as possible.

11.- Should you need an invoice for your order, you can request it in the billing section of our website the same month the purchase was made.