Is a US-based multinational company that seeks to innovate in the health industry by emphasizing on the release of adult stem cells. It is a leader in advanced technology with international presence in the United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and currently seeking to expand to the Caribbean. Furthermore, NUVI Global has been at the forefront of the health revolution of the 21st century and was created with the objective of pioneering the new research of releasing adult stem cells and using them as naturopathy.

Our Beliefs

At NUVI GLOBAL we believe we can bring honesty, commitment, and passion by conveying a health message that is based on technological innovation and offering the creation of a business of your own.


Purpose: Build a dependable and sustainable enterprise. Mission: Nourish and delight the whole world by creating satisfaction, happiness, and optimism wherever our brand is. Vision: We work to make NUVI GLOBAL the undisputed leader in innovation and the preferred supplier of our customers: a solid company with an extraordinary place to work.

Codes of Ethics

  • We fully Value people
  • We act with Integrity
  • We are a Community
  • We are Pioneers in our area
  • We continuously Innovate

Our Commitment

  • with our Independent Business Owners and consumers
  • with our employees
  • with our providers
  • with the government
  • with society